The origin of Priene and the foundation of the city are ascribed to the Carians, the indigenous population of the region, but legends are our only guide for the earliest days. The oldest remains have been dated to the 6th century B.C., and it was on the territory of Priene that the site of the Panionion was located. According to some sources, the Ionians first arrived and settled here in the 11th century B.C. and the city was founded either by Aegyptus of Athens or Philotas of Thebes. The city possessed two harbours, but both of these became silted up by the alluvium brought down by the Meander river. The new city was built on its present site in 350 B.C. At that time the city lay at some distance from the sea and carried on its maritime activity through the little port of Naulochus...






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