Apart from biblical references, Patara is also an old settlement on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. This region boasts thousands of years of history, breathtaking scenery and hundreds of miles of unspoiled coastline. 2000 years ago Patara was the largest and most important sea port of the Lycian civilisation. It was the capital of the Lycian League which was the first example of democratic constitution in world history. Mythology tells us Apollo was born here and it is also said to be the birthplace of Bishop Nicholas of Myra. Patara is also used as a name and it is thought this name has been used by people who set out from Patara in Lycian times to other parts of Asia. The name has also been found as far down as India, where it is thought these early migrants assimilated with the Indus Valley (most likely Aryan) inhabitants. In the northern province of Punjab, India, a village exists bearing the name Patara, mostly consists of residents with the last name Khun Khun. Residents who emmigrate from Patara normally take on the name of the village as their last name in memory of their beloved town. Today, Pataras can be found all over the world.






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