The history of Miletos can be traced back to the 2 nd. millennium B.C. settlers from Crete arrived here in 1500 B.C., to be followed by the Mycenaeans from mainland Greece, who fortified the city. According to ancient Greek authors, the first inhabitants were the Carians and Lelegians. After the capture of the city by the Ionians under their leader Neileus in 1000 B.C., the conquerors killed the Milesian men and married their wives thus forming the new population of the city. Legend has it that the women of Miletus expressed their resentment and punished their new husbands by refusing to sit at table with them. The city was ruled for a time by kings descended from Neileus, but after 800 B.C. administration passed into the hands of the aristocracy. After 687 B.C. it was ruled by dictators known as "tyrants", and it was during this period that the city began to found colonies overseas...






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