Loryma archaic city is located on Karaburun, close to Taşlıca, Bozukkale. Transportation is provided via sea until Bozukkale harbor, after that a climbing for more than one hour is needed to the ruins. It is an important center among the cities cross Rhodes in 4th century BC. In the archaic city, which has a big gulf, scientific surface researches have been commenced in 1995 under the direction of the German Archeologist Dr. Winferd Held. Loryma, which is a small city, has been established in 7th century BC. It is surrounded with a two - stage wall dated to the Archaic and Classical periods. In the upper part of the city, lies the acropolis, which is also surrounded by a two - stage wall. The three cisterns above the acropolis and the base ruins belonging to a single building show that this area was used as shelter in case of danger. The narrow and long harbor fort controls the entrance of the gulf. The dwellings of Loryma are on terraces carefully made on the slope. "Artemis Sotaria" holy area is located in the plain that is in west of the city. In west of the gulf, the necropolis area longing towards north is beside the temple. In the plain that is in the south of the necropolis, Apollo holy area is located. Furthermore, the existence of an altar devoted to Zeus Atabyrios, the Rhodes God is known. This information shows that the city, which is at a strategic point in terms of the defense of Rhodes, was under the control of Rhodes. Three churches and many houses was built on Loryma acropolis, which was a navy base and gun storage in Byzantine Period, by using also the archaic period materials. The city has been completely left after the Arabic invasion in 7th century AD.






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