The island of Kekova will probably be your the most interesting stop. As trade between the Lycians and the other Hellenistic Greeks increased so did piracy and many harbours and ports were fortified in the same way that Kekova is. Again you'll see the remains of buildings and walls beneath your boat, and, depending on the knowledge of your guide, various bits and pieces will be pointed out to you. You'll stop a couple of times for swimming and snorkelling, a couple of caveats for you here. You should watch out for the spiny sea urchins that hang out in the ruins and you should be aware that skin diving near the submerged buidlings is prohibited, as is the removal of any old looking stuff that you might find. You will regret it if you don't take a snorkel and mask with you but exercise a little restraint, your captain knows where its OK for you to dive.







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