The Turkish Gulet is a traditionally designed motorised wooden sailing vessel. It has as its heritage those ancient wooden boats which have sailed accross the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas for thousands of years both fishing and trading with ancient civilisations.

The coast line of south western Turkey is consistently chosen by sea lovers from all over the world as the most beautiful cruising area of the Mediterranean. Nowadays, our Admiral Gulets have modern facilities on board to provide you with all the necessary comforts and more to explore within style this beautiful coast line and the ancient lands.

Our Gulet come with plenty of space below decks so allowing you to enjoy their specious cabins, bathrooms and a saloon. Above deck, you may relax under the shade of a large awning, comfortably eat outside around a good sized dining table and sunbathe with your friends or may be together with your children and perhaps even with their grandparents. We are proud to say that every year we have several charters which bring three generations of a family together on an Admiral Yacht.

For the safety of children, special care has been taken to ensure that the rails around the decks are sufficiently high. In addition, crewsof the Admiral Gulets are particularly instructed to assist parents in ensuring the safety of their children during all aspects of life on board.

Designing Your Holiday
Not all Admiral Gulets have the same features. Please ask us to provide you with our Gulet Catalogue to see the specifications, equipment and layout of each of the yachts we offer. To be able to help you to choose the most suitable yacht and itenerary, we need to know the composition of your group and your special interests and priorities amongst the followings: Visiting historical sites, natural beauty spots, towns and villages, water-sports, swimming, diving, snorkelling, relaxing in secluded bays and in fact, any other special requirements you may have. May we remind you that each alternative route you wish to take along the Turkish Riviera will give you a chance to experience a different combination of these activities during your cruise. Once on board, one of our staff and later during the voyage the captain will present you daily with the range of possibilities and if you wish make suggestions or leave you decide your own program during the cruise.

From the time you arrive at the airport until the last moment of your holiday Admiral Tours staff on land and our crew on board will be working to make sure your holiday experience is just the way you desire it to be. Our capable, gentle and hospitable crew will make you feel you are on your own private boat and will take care never to disturb your privacy. Your cook will prepare excellent food chosen from the world renown Turkish Cuisine in accordance with your wishes. We will ensure that you realise being on a Admiral Gulet is the only way to experience the undiluted local tastes of the Mediterranean. If you require more information about any aspect of our Admiral Gulet Cruises we will be happy to send detailed information to your address together with our Crewed Yacht Charter Catalogue.


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